Chippers is a NFT community that is located on the Avalanche blockchain.

A View of things to come


The bear market slowed the deliverables for many projects in the space but has not changed our commitment.

Circle Decoration in Block

Chippers were the genesis NFT that was released through the JoePegs launch pad. There were 500 NFTs that were given to whitelisted members for FREE. These serve as the genesis NFT that will be given benefits as the project grows.

Triangle Decoration in Block

Dippers are the first follow on NFT that are also being released through the JoePegs launch pad. There are 1000 NFTs - 500 are planned to be given to Chipper's holders and 500 for sale at only 1 AVAX. These will also be given unique benefits as the project grows.

Rectangle Decoration in Block

The wilderness is filled with adventure that we can't wait to share with you. We are preparing for wide variety of unique web3 activations, innovative on-chain technology, and of course additional characters. Chippers and Dippers will play a critical role in upcoming events and drops.

We are building.

Chippers and Dippers will play a critical role in community decision making.

Through the introduction of staking and a project voting DAO protocol, community members will be able to define the project's core objectives.

Should the future beaver-tical or horizontal? Only you decide.


We know that there are a wide variety of platforms available - we have selected Avalanche.

That said: we know that we love making projects and that the creative process is what fuels us. So we’re going to keep doing that - with our team - for our community.

As long as we can find fun and innovative ways to advance the Chippers community then we’ll be here — making sure our holders get returns — especially when they least expect it.

The Chipper's Team